We have the following long term goals, and are willing to grow with anyone who has similar goals:

  1. Be the cheapest way to do business online. Sellers pay nothing to use our service.
  2. Help cryptocurrency adoption
  3. Create services that allow you to use cryptocurrency as a traditional currency.

If you feel that you have any type of talent to offer Forra to help us achieve those goals please reach out to us. [email protected]

What we expect from contributors:

  • 10 hours of dedicated time each week minimum.
  • Joining, being collaborative, and actively contributing to our company discord.
  • Have no greater than a 24 hour response time.
  • Have an extreme passion.
  • Be an infinite learner.
  • A burning desire to build a unicorn.

If you are interested in applying send a cover letter and resume to [email protected]

Positions we are looking to fill:

Growth – We want people that want to explore and play around with marketing. We want people to move the needle and enjoy the profit sharing that Forra gives to its sales and marketing team.

Front End Developer (React) — Looking for a React developer to help build out our front end web app. Must have experience working with es6, redux (or other state management library). Nice to haves include experience working with web3js, AWS, webpack, web scrapper development and building and deploying web apps.

Back End Engineer — Looking for a Backend Engineer that is proficient in developing backend systems from scratch, by utilizing frameworks that allow for quick prototyping and development, such as Node or Ruby on Rails. Must understand how to build and deploy servers via AWS. Ideal candidate will have a deep understanding about data models and hot to effectively and efficiently organize and store data on a server. Must have a basic understanding of SQL, POSTGREST (or similar).

Software Engineer — We are in need of a software engineer for the purpose of building internal tools. The ideal candidate will posses knowledge in one or more of the following languages: Javascript, Ruby, PHP, Go, and will also have experience working with various SDKs such as Facebook, Twitter, and various google SDKs. Must have experience developing web scrappers and bots.

Writer – We are looking for people who love to write. If you naturally have a passion for cryptocurrency or buying and selling items online please apply. Some SEO experience is a huge plus.

Send an email to [email protected] with the subject being the role you would like to fill.