What is Forra?

Forra is the lowest fee ecommerce marketplace that bridges the gap between physical goods and digital currencies. By using a USD-pegged stable coin to eliminate volatility, Forra is able to reliably facilitate precise monetary transactions between buyers and sellers. Think the crypto version of eBay with PayPal built in.

How do I keep up to date?

Join our Discord for developer updates and ask our team questions!
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How does Forra make money?

Forra is entirely free from a seller standpoint. We only charge the buyer 3% in fees.


How can I sell?

How will I get paid?

When a buyer purchases your listed item, the funds enter our escrow contract for 30 days. Once the buyer confirms the item has been received, payment will be released.

Why should I sell one Forras marketplace?

Forra is a marketplace that is using cryptocurrency for its transactional efficiencies. We want to remove barriers to online business and give back to the people who are working hard to run their business. Selling on Forra will be free of any fees.

Selling to us

How Does It Work?

We provide you with a breakdown of how Junktion works in a four-step process on our home page.

When Do I Get Paid?

Getting paid by Forra is easy. Once you have accepted our offer you must send the package via the instructions emailed. The Payment delivery happens differently based upon the paid amount.

All Payments are withheld until the package arrives and is physically inspected by a Forra employee.

How Do I Get Paid?

You get paid directly to your cryptocurrency wallet. Payments are typically made just after the item(s) are inspected by a Forra employee to make sure they are in the stated condition. If the item is not as described we will take our money back and you will pay the return shipping.

What Kind Of Stuff Do You Buy?

We buy anything that you do not want. Our philosophy is the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” We have created this page to show you what we prefer to buy, however, do not hesitate to ask us about anything.

If your item or items do not meet the quality you state the deal is over and you will have to pay return shipping.

We reserve the right to decline any offers at any time. Please wait for an email confirmation before shipping anything to us.

How Can I Talk To You?

You can talk to the people creating Forra by joining our Discord.
Using the Drift chatbot on the bottom right-hand corner or you can ask any question immediately.